Quality Assurance

Our 3-Step Process

How we ensure a <1% error rate


We audit every single Custody and Control Form (CCF) that we receive for errors, omittances and custodial issues.

Our unique process begins at the moment the CCF is received, instead of the norm of auditing  the document once the laboratory results are received. This allows us to avoid lost time by addressing issues normally on the same day the collection is performed.




Using a Memorandum for the Record (MFR) we ensure that the documentation from the CCF can be “repaired” or fully completed in order to avoid test cancellation.

This is an essential part of the process that our clients rely upon to ensure that drug tests are not unnecessarily cancelled due to improper documentation.

Final Review

Each medical review report receives a final review before it is completed. One of our highly-trained Medical Review Officer Assistants (MROA) performs a final review of each and every report prior to it being released.

This ensures consistent, error free reports that you can count on.

MRO Audit Review

In addition the the 3-step process above, our certified MROs review a minimum of 5% of all negative test results from the laboratory to ensure that the documentation and the Quality Assurance process was completed accurately.

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