Canadian Workplace (non-DOT) Medical Review


There is a lot of discussion of “compliancy” with different models of drug testing or preferred processes and procedures. Rest assured that CMRO is fully aware of the expectations of these different Canadian programmes and is prepared to meet all expectations.

Contact us below if you have any questions regarding ensuring your drug testing process meets the requirements of modern Canadian workplace testing.


Built for Canada

Many medical review service providers in Canada are only experts in one of the two fields; Canadian workplace or the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated testing.

That’s why, when we designed our review programme, we incorporated both modes of testing into our practice not only because we work with Canadian employers subject to U.S. DOT regulations, but because we work with an equal number of employers and service agents that are not.

Understanding our client’s needs is the reason we have become the largest independent medical review service in Canada.



Navigating Canadian laws as it applies to privacy and employer expectations can be especailly tricky.

CMRO has been reviewing drug tests in Canada for over a decade and, during this time, have seen every possible challenge faced by service agents and employers alike regarding drug testing.

Ensuring that our review programme meets the requirements of both the law and the expectations of our clients and our industry is of the most importance to us and is what has set us apart from other service providers in Canada.

There's a reason why CMRO is the largest independent Medical Review Service in Canada

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